Enjoy a Fantastic Pedicure in Fort Worth

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At The Woodhouse Day Spa® - Fort Worth, TX, we believe a pedicure should be a revitalizing experience for the entire body. Each of our special foot treatments starts with a relaxing ritual using our signature blend of essential oils to help you enter a tranquil state of mind. In addition to a hydrotherapeutic foot bath, we’ll also provide a warming neck and shoulder wrap to encourage full-body relaxation. Finally, we'll top off your heavenly foot treatment with the polish of your choice for a revitalized appearance.

About Our Pedicure in Fort Worth

We offer a variety of foot treatments to fit any mood and occasion. The following are some of our most popular services in Fort Worth:

  • The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure. This experience lasts 80 minutes, offering a complete break from the outside world and a transformative treatment for your feet and legs. Beginning with sea salt exfoliation from the knees down, we’ll leave your skin looking smoother and brighter. Then, we’ll use volcanic stones to soothe your legs before wrapping them with a fresh seaweed leaf wrap to bring down any swelling.
  • Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure. Do your feet feel tired and lifeless? This invigorating procedure is sure to put a spring in your step! We use a refining scrub bursting with the aroma of lavender to get rid of unwanted calluses and dead skin. Following this exfoliating procedure, we’ll ease any residual tension in your feet with a calming warm stone massage.
  • Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure. This 50-minute foot treatment from The Woodhouse Day Spa - Fort Worth, TX is an experience to be savored. Warm agave nectar adds a smoothing and soothing element to a full massage from heels to knees.
  • Gentleman’s Pedicure. Give your neglected feet and toenails the attention they deserve with a relaxing massage and a thorough groom and buff for a clean and sophisticated appearance.

The Woodhouse Day Spa - Fort Worth, TX Serves Fort Worth and Beyond

Our foot treatments offer respite from your on-the-go lifestyle and keep your feet looking their very best. If you’re based in one of the following communities, don’t hesitate to escape to the tranquil and transformative environment of our day spa. They include:

  • Fort Worth
  • Arlington
  • Aledo
  • Towns in the surrounding areas

Call The Woodhouse Day Spa - Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 338-1772 to learn more about scheduling one of our unforgettable pedicure treatments.

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